What is The Promotion Peacock?

Do you want more exposure for your Etsy shop? Or wish you were featured in treasuires seen by hundreds of people, but don't have the time to sit at the computer and curate them yourself?
I would LOVE to help you with that!

My name is Alana, I am a stay at home mom of two amazing little boys who has discovered a passion for treasury curating and advertising handmade art!

I opened my own Etsy shop in August of 2010, it was a successful shop featuring my handmade miniature clay sculptures and jewelry.
While I really loved creating handmade items for my clients to enjoy, I found myself, over time, more attracted to the curation of treasuries and soaked up as much information available on how to create the perfect treasury. My research quickly paid off with my first front page feature in October of 2011!
My front page experience was fantastic!! To see something I artistically curated make it to Etsy's home page,viewed by thousands of people was outstanding, but what was more exciting was the immediate out pour of messages from the shop owners who were included in my treasury and were now being featured on the front page too! It was wonderful to hear from these artists, of how grateful they were and how the front page feature was an instant success for their small business!

Fast forward to January 2012, I have now had 9 front page treasuries on Etsy, and have curated many more treasuries with high volume traffic. I knew there had to be something more I could do for shop owners who rely on that traffic, who feel lost in the sea of artists on etsy.
I have done many hours of research on what it takes to be a successful shop owner,how to take good quality photos, as well as tagging and titling your handmade items so that they have a better chance of being discovered by potential buyers!
I want to put my curating abilities and research knowledge to good use and help everyone who is passionate about what they make and want to succeed!

For a small fee (for my time) I am willing to work with you to help you gain exposure and traffic for your shop.
I will spend one week curating treasuries with items from your shop,I will help you with your photographs and tags,making sure you have current trend and highly searched listings and any additional questions or concerns you may have.
These are real time,proven benefits. This is not an offer to promote your shop in another location on the Internet where you may or may not be discovered, I will be working from the Etsy web page as well as this blog,my business facebook,twitter and pinterest pages to promote your listings.

Your shop items will be listed and promoted for one week in all areas mentioned above.
Each time I curate a treasury featuring your shop I will immediately send you the link through Etsy convos as well as via email.

I will work with you to create an affordable package deal that will meet your expectations for your current expectations for your business.

While I can NOT guarantee any treasury I curate will make front page I CAN guarantee you will gain more exposure and you will learn something new and beneficial for the success of your business!

You can contact me via email

where additional information and fee listings will be provided to you!

Please visit my Front Page Treasuries page to see some of the successful treasuries I have curated

PLEASE NOTE: I do not work for Etsy nor am I an affiliate. The fee for my offer is ONLY for my time and knowledge.
The information I have about curating a high quality treasury is made public knowledge by Etsy I do not hold "private" or "inside" information, I am just looking to contribute my skills to those who do not have the time,computer literacy or understanding on how to do so for themselves.