Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why I heart Etsy!

Yes,tis true! I love Etsy almost as much as I love Pepsi and Cadbury mini eggs!!

Etsy is like Disneyland for handmade and vintage lovers. Where you get tired from all the hours spent clicking from one awesome item to the next,but you just can't leave because around the next "corner" may be something even more exciting! Your eyes are burning but your soul is saying "YES!! I knew that handmade felt pumpkin wearing a pirate costume would be around that corner!!" and so you stay,shop maybe and always, always come back for more!
The fantastic creations or beautiful vintage finds are not the only reasons I adore Etsy....
The treasury curating,ahhh treasuries!! I love finding pieces I love and partnering them with other beautiful finds to create an artistic dance of beauty or to tell a story from image to image.
Most of the fun in curating is collecting the images! I love to challenge myself and create an unusual treasury so the thrill of the hunt is almost as exciting as the finished product!

Which brings me to......


Starting tomorrow I am going to create a page here on my blog, called Look What I found Friday and I will share with you all something very awesome and cool from a shop on Etsy, it may be handmade,it may be vintage,it may be quirky or strange! You'll just have to come back tomorrow to look at what I found!!

k, now I got stuff to do

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